It is now Christmas Eve. Hopefully all your Christmas Shopping is finished. But if not, worry not whorl will be open from 11 -3 today and we will be ready for all your shopping needs.

For this edition of Thursday Favorites I thought it only appropriate to post my own personal holiday wish list from Whorl. Maybe someone might read it and stop by and pick this lady up a last minute gift.

Cofi Versatile clutch, in Sting ray, or Platinum. (pictured in navy distressed)Cofi

I am obsessed with these bags. The Versatile Clutch has so much going for them: One a clutch that converts into a cross body bag. Two, they are designed locally and produced in a factory where the leather workers have been working with quality leather for years. Three they are 100% genuine quality printed leather, so they come in a variety of colors and patterns; my personal favorite is the stingray because I am obsessed with sting rays but never want to own genuine stingray leather cause that makes me sad so the second best thing is the printed version. Priced at $130 these bags are one of the most affordable investments you could ever make, seriously with the quality of this bag, you know it is something you are going to have for a long time. Five, They smell what I imagine heaven smells like. Because they are genuine leather they smell just like a tack room at a stables, which is a personal favorite.

NoahBlouseJust Female Noah Blouse.

When I pulled this blouse out of the box I do believe the word I used was “yum.” It has everything you want and more. Black, sheer, solid, classy, sexy, a good price point and something that could work for New Years, Valentines Day, or just a day in the office. A solid bodice is complimented by sheer sleeves and sheer panels on the side, it is the absolute definition of sophistication meets sexy. At $95 who wouldn’t want to wear this almost every day.

Good hYOUman “pets are people too” sweatshirtPetsPeople

An incredibly soft and comfortable top, this is the perfect gift for your fur baby mama. Very well done and made in the USA this sweatshirt will not disappoint. Not to mention I very much stand by the saying printed right over your heart, as I am obsessed with my own fur baby. And at $60 I am sure there are plenty of other fur mama’s who want this under their tree as well.



Anything Canned Goods


Jewelry, made out of tin cans… you would think weird, but no, all of these pieces are unique and so well done that you can’t really tell that they are made out of tin cans. When Thomas (the designer) and his wife decided to not exchange gifts for their ten year anniversary, he couldn’t not give her anything so after discovering that the traditional ten year gift is tin he fashioned a pair of earrings and a bracelet out of a can. So it began. Now Canned Goods is a well established name and they even donate a can of food per item of theirs purchased. The story speaks to me more then anything; because as the daughter of a metal smith, my mother and I always receive hand made gifts from my father every Christmas.

Cherish Dress


This Dress is everything! Not only is it pretty consistently in stock, but at just $28 dollars you really CANNOT go wrong. Not only is it super affordable but it comes in a variety of colors, fits a variety of body types and can be worn in so many ways. I am dead serious when I say you cannot go wrong. Seeing as I already have it in black, the charcoal and the red are the colors I need to add to my closet.  We also only have one of the amazing imprints Cam Capes Left

With all that being said about the things I would like from whorl, and I hope you get under your tree; I want to throw a quick shout out to our next door neighbors Western Daughters Butcher Shop. They are kind, entertaining, and their selection is amazing and they really will have everything you need to make your holiday dinner special.