Today is the final day of our Whorl Team Features. This is the Week! Our birthday celebrations start on Friday, and will go all the way through Sunday! On Thursday we will have more detailed information on the events this Thursday in the Favorite Thursdays blog post. For our last team feature, it only made since to save the best for last. Our fearless leader Megan is simply the best girl boss anyone could ever ask for. She is tough, brilliant, kind and the most driven person you could possibly meet. She has created one of the best environments to work in, and to shop in. Megan has worked tirelessly to curate amazing products and has a great eye for picking things that will truly benefit our clients and the store. Next time you see Megan be sure and thank her for all the awesome she puts in the store and into our lives.

3 (2)When did you start Whorl? I officially started working on my vision for Whorl August of 2014. I knew I wanted to contribute to growing Denver Fashion Scene and was envisioning what role I could play. After thinking about the talented individuals here and the desire to bring a more refined, quality look at an affordable price to the scene I had made up by mind. From there, Whorl was born and we opened out doors November 21, 2014 in LoHi.

What is it like being a #girlboss in the community? It’s exciting. I love bringing the community together and having so many opportunities to collaborate with other Girl Bosses. The Whorl style is more than just a look, it’s a lifestyle and it’s an honor to be able to share my vision with everyone.

What is your favorite brand in the store? Imprints by Whorl, obviously. Just kidding, I don’t have one, that just wouldn’t be fair. Each brand is in my store for a reason. We have so many awesome local brands such as Peach and Pepper, Never A Wall Flower, M. Kaltenbach, Stephanie O, Elizabeth Kay and more. Other favorites of mine include Six Crisp Days, The Coverii, and Groceries.

Why and how did you get into fashion? When I quit basketball my junior year of high school a lot of time freed up for me. I was playing school and competitive ball and traveling in the off seasons, it was like a full-time job. When I didn’t have these obligations anymore, I realized I had time to do things like, look good in the morning and put effort into the way I presented myself. This is kind of how it started, with a desire to express myself in a new way. This led to fashion magazine reading, career searching, mood boards, and more. I decided to attend college for Fashion Merchandising and here we are.

What do you like about the Colorado scene? I love how everyone supports each other. I think people are finally realizing that in order to be successful those around you must be too. It’s all about lifting each other up and collaboration.

What is your favorite part about whorl? My team. From day one I knew I couldn’t do this alone. I have managed to surround myself with people who see my vision and are willing to help me build it.

What do you hope to see in the next year at whorl? Oh so much. I look forward to growing our private label brand, Imprints, as well as getting more brands in the store that are either locally made, made in America, and/or use sustainable materials. A lot more of what we do with be focused on ethical and sustainable fashion, including what we are doing to the planet and how people are buying.