Today we are continuing our Whorl Team Features, meet Brandon! Our photographer extraordinaire! So much more then just our resident photographer, Brandon is a comical and dedicated asset to the Whorl team, when he is not photographing the garments of Whorl he is in the store making sure everyone feels their best. A graduate of UNC Greeley, where he studied fashion photography; Brandon has brought his amazing skills to the Whorl world, while also interning for our friends at Denver Style Magazine. Thanks Brandon for being so awesome at being you, and for bringing a smile to our faces. Oh, and for making the world look fabulous.

MeBlogWhen did you start at whorl?  I started at Whorl in September 2015.


Who is your favorite designer?  Probably Rick Owens. I love everything that’s black and has a quality line, shape, and simple design.

Why and how did you get into fashion?  I got a degree in Photography focused in fashion.

What do you like about the Colorado scene?  I like how it’s so up and coming. It’s a hot bed for new design and creative influence.

What is your favorite part about working at whorl? Getting to photograph all the time and creating content for instagram.

What do you hope to see in the next year at whorl?  I hope to see more Imprints work. I know it’s coming but I think it’s a really great thing to have in Denver. I hope Imprints becomes a well know name.