The holiday season is officially upon us. Relatives coming in and out. Glasses of champagne, wine, cider and more are flowing. Headaches and colds  are just as much a part of the season as presents. IMG_0640Well, we at whorl want to make sure you are well taken care of this holiday season. If you come in and spend $125 or more you will receive a Holiday Survival Kit. Filled with goodies to take care of you and everything you may encounter this holiday season.

FullSizeRender(1)That isn’t all that is going down at Whorl, we have fabulous little finger-less gloves that we just got in that are ready to go home with anyone who purchases a sweater or coat during the holiday season.

Finally don’t forget, if you purchased anything during a select few weekends in November you received a sheet of holiday coupons to cash in during the holidays.  There are some great savings on that sheet that you need to cash in on!

So come down to Whorl and get holiday shopping done and take care of yourself all at the same time.